Step into the Realm of Eternal Excellence and Quintessential Luxury Sales. 


Welcome to our distinguished platform, where we specialize in providing top-tier holistic business leadership services tailored for extraordinary women with unparalleled talent and vision who desire to simplify the sales efficiency and dramatically increase their revenue through powerful precision  strategies and redesigning their offers into premium priced masterpiece suites as THE Creme de la Creme choice.


Our mission is to empower these remarkable individuals to cultivate superior leadership and develop timeless new luxury brands and premium service suites that instantly captivate discerning and affluent clientele with a taste of regal mastery and graceful authority through natural mastery of precision content marketing.


If your products and services weren't "made for the masses" but for those who desire the very rare uniqueness of your genius, the 1%...

If your offers are made for a small niche of people who seek the raw purity of pinnacle and love to buy it...

If you're a leader of leaders, then you're on the right webpage. Keep reading...  


Through our meticulous yet simple approaches and transformational experiences, we elevate clients and their offerings to the superconscious pinnacle of excellence, showcasing their brilliance as esteemed leaders and iconic visionaries within their respective industries. ( Over 13 years, we've done this multiple times with ultra A-list clients, celebrities, and even positioned our luxury clientele to win prestigious industry specific 'best of' awards) Yet, House of BE is different, we are the very evolution of the new luxury era. We pioneer, pioneers.


By leveraging strategic positioning and creating exceptional offer suites we ensure client's transformational products and services command premium value, instantly and elegantly as the unrivaled superior choice,  characterized by quiet, yet profound sophistication.


If you're here, it's time to elevate your business and turn your gifts into your magnum opus and become the in-demand, sought after  (dream clients saying, "YES, please take my money")  solution- not just "the likeable, inspiring influencer" or just another 'option.' 


It's time to create distinguished offers and content that converts window shoppers into instant buyers without questions or buyers remorse.  


In this extraordinary space, we empower your evolution into the new sales paradigm beyond duality, where brand myths dissolve and the transformational stillness and integrity of beauty permeates every aspect of your existence and business.


With our articulative sales messaging frameworks, you become luminously visible to the creme de la creme clients who seek you out, pursue you and dream of being on your roster and in your esteemed portfolio.


Here, we facilitate transformation - with the conviction of speed and precision- Integrating the codes of eternal affluence and new luxury business from your being as we soar with accuracy navigating the realm of infinite prosperity. You are a vessel of blessings galore and wealth creation is a natural, coherent result.  


You'll have the opportunity to craft the simplest yet most exquisite business you can imagine

- a living masterpiece from the very core of your being.


It's time to position your offers as a transformational masterpiece, command extreme value and receive sales with simple sophistication... it's time to just be. 

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The Superconscious Brand Principles of Crafting Extreme Value 







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Learn the Eloquent Embodiment of the Highly Paid Visionary and the Codes of Superconscious New Luxury Sales That 99% of People Do Not Understand.


Get Paid (Very Well) Every Time You Show Up.

  • Without ever needing "a tribe" or working to 'cultivate a following'

  • Without having to showcase or convince through lifestyle content¬†¬†

  • Regardless of your 'likes count' ( why less is even better!)

  • Without needing to run ads or be on social 24/7

  • Without elaborative efforts, sales calls, overnurting or¬† 'dating' those 'iffy' prospects that are actually wasting your time




Our business represents the new horizons of offers, transformation and quintessential leadership. It is the manifestation and synthesis into a new era and paradigm of elevated superconscious business precision.
We architect, craft and invite our guests into transformational new luxury brand experiences that anchor them as vessels of abundance by magnifying the extreme value of their natural gifts and eternal essence and implementing premium product suite creation. We amplify their products with messaging precision to attract affluent, dream clientele, while integrating an evolutionary business model that is an ever expanding elevation of their leadership. 
If you are called to be here, your business and personal evolution has taken you through numerous deaths and rebirths already in the world of forms and archetypes.
You've tried storytelling branding, yet it feels impossible to exist in the containers and constrictions of these forward facing ego-suits and narratives that keep you and your business small. Even shapeshifting your multidimensionality has you feeling like a fraud. Nothing fits because you are everything and nothing all at the same time.


You know your limitless nature and you desire and require standards outside what you see in the mainstream industries. You ARE eternal luxury and you want your services to be sought after by your dream quintessential elevated customers and client.  You are a leader of leaders, embodied infinity and want your business to speak without you speaking.

You desire to bask in the simplicity and purity of your essence- while receiving the overflow of abundance specifically designed for your unique expression in the world - with world class sophistication and be wildly visible to the 1% of "ecstatic elites" through superconscious sales.
As true expansion always involves evolution, you have outgrown your own forms and identities time and time again,  and you have arrived here, following your own awareness to the infinite fractal growth of your business - to it's nexus entry aligning to its destined and true prestigios value from  perpetual beauty within and without.
You’ve also outgrown the systems and structure and the hyper-material nature of your offers and realize that you alone represent the consciousness of its continued growth and existence.
As life only knows expansion, 
you have come to a nexus point -
the point where an old timeline meets a new timeline. 
Except this one feels really different. 


Instead of taking on new branding,
instead of fitting into a character or archetype,
instead of manifesting through means of manipulation magic -
... instead of putting on a BIG loud influencer show-
you are being called to stillness,
to beingness...
and to surrender into the wholeness where precision knows no wrong turn.

The oracles of oracles, the eagle above the eagles. A new pattern of superconscious sales and branding permeates, the eternal principles are gateways that are always there - but only visible to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. 

From this level of supra-awareness, you are ready to lead with eyes wide open into the instantaneously speed of cosmic laws,
navigating the business of being - the ever-expanding-transcending-and-including energy of life itself.


Letting go of all definitions of who you are and where you think you are going.
Once you step through the door and into the heart of this truth,
you will have activated within yourself and aligned to true prosperity- the universal evolution impulse where you will be continually replenished and voyage to the boundlessness of superabundance - a space beyond frequency..
To a place that just IS, just like the quintessence of your being- where sales don't follow the myths of the masses and cultural relevancy looses its own relevancy. 
Creating (a business and life)  from this realm of simplicity behind all the complexicies requires attunement and awareness to the orchestra of eternal harmonics.
These are the smallest most profound tweeks you will ever shift in your business, as you learn the art of less is more...
You begin to open up the capacity for extreme value through the process of refining and discovering the details that make the design - the spectrum of ecstasies. 
It is luxury beyond luxury, where vanity, beauty and glamour enter a paradox- only to dissolve into the weightlessness of the aethers, transcending their own meaning and purpose into a quality of emanation undefinable by the modern economy, by materialists and reductionists.  
Very few have ventured into grounding their lives and businesses from theses new horizons.
If you have voyaged to this moment in the ever-present future-
You are the one and you already know.
The time is now and the future is only waiting for your awareness to arrive. 
I call this place Beauty Everywhere, and this is your invitation to our house in this world -


La Maison Beauty Everywhere.

I am honored to have your luminous spirit grace our everylasting time space place.

Be our guest.



Immerse yourself within The House of BE with a bespoke luxury VIP in person coaching experience.

Chose from one, two or three days working in a high touch 1:1 intimate alchemical "luxury brand" leadership container with Crystal to expand beyond your perception. The NEXUS awaits those ready not only to leap, but ready to immerse cellularly into the timelessness- reclaiming their true cosmic citizenship in the realm of superabundance and create an masterpiece offer suite and leadership strategy. 


Our clients are our ‚Äúguests‚ÄĚ and we invite¬†you¬†into our ‚Äėhome‚Äô¬† ~ a wisdom and training portal- the House of¬†Beauty Everywhere.


Our guests come to our home to experience in commitment the crystalline texture, purity and essence of Beauty Everywhere principles and leave radiating the luminous light it permeates with a deep embodied remembrance of their birthright  in superabundance with an elevated business plan and strategy that delivers their gifts to their soulmate dream clients with eloquence, dignity and a high grade of honor.

Here our guests are expanded to new horizons within themselves beyond their intellect -  and build businesses that are receiving vessels for infinite blessings. Our guests come face to face, heart-to-heart…  with the creative force of the quintessence- the fifth element.

The fifth element refers to what was known as the aether, the substance that permeated the celestial sphere and was purer than any of the four terrestrial elements. It is the very fabric of the cosmic laws governing the material realm.  



What is Quintessence?

Quintessence was perceived as something so new and unexpected in creation because it transcended the limitations imposed by the other four aspects, which led alchemists to place it above the other four in both function and form. It existed in both spiritual and material planes and is often described in texts as a luminous light that is invisible to the naked, unawakened eye. 

One of the fastest ways remember your infinite nature? Surround yourself with others who are a living emanation in their supreme beingneess- their surrendered embodiment of Cosmic Royalty. 

You simply need the courage to to transform and lead with virtuous valor.

Here you will learn to articulate and sell with conviction, the natural gifts and genius you already embody. YOU become the brand, returning to who you BE.