Notice: This Service Books out Months in Advance and is often "Temporarily Out of Stock"

Availability is limited to a handful of select candidates per year.


Transform Your Brand Experience Beyond Modern Luxury & Turn Your Offer Suite into a Transcendent Masterpiece that Commands Ultra Premium Pricing

House of Beauty Everywhere Presents:




A Bespoke 1:1 Brand Transformation Experience of

Time-Collapsing Transcendent Luxury Branding, Coaching and Extreme Value Creation 


Step into a World Where Elegance Meets Innovation meets Supersales.


Where Your Brand's Story is Transformed into a Timeless Work of High-Valued Art.


Indulge in an Unforgettable Consulting and Coaching Journey of Personalized Creativity, Elevating Your Brand and Personal Presence to Unparalleled Heights of Prestige and Luxury.


Your emanation becomes a living masterpiece offer suite designed to transcend time and space and activates your business to the portals of eternal prosperity and impact.



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The Details, Scope of Works and Delivery:

Consulting and Coaching over Zoom + Telegram *


What You Recieve: 

 New Luxury Rebrand Deliverables

    •  Market Research & Target Audience  Research
    •  Custom Executive Advisory: Future Trends Forecasting 
    •  Brand Strategy
      •  COPY GUIDE: Brand Linguistics Strategy, Including Personal Brand Voice Luxury Leadership Coaching*
      •  STORY GUIDE: New Luxury Brand Narrative
      •  ART GUIDE: Brand Icons/Symbols  Identification
    •  Personal Brand Strategy
      •  Personal Brand Art Direction
      •  Personal Brand Styling Guide & Photography Guide 
    •  Holistic Creative Direction
      •  Bespoke Luxury Moodboards
      •  Photography Art Direction 
      •  Prop Art Direction
      •  Minimum 30 On-Brand Image/Photography/Stock or Custom Ai Creative Directed Assets  
    •  Brand Design Deliverables:
      •  Logo Rebrand ( with 2 variations) 
      •  Color Palette
      •  Font Guides
      •  Minimum 10 Decorative On-Brand Elements for Content
      •  *Advisory* for your Web Design   
      •  Brand Story/Strategy Book
      •  15 Instagram Stories Templates, 10 Instagram Square Templates
    •  Executive Brand Advisory & Vision Management
  •  Luxury Marketing Positioning Advisory:
  •  Strategic Luxury Offer Suite Advisory and Sales Strategy 
    •  Extreme Value Positioning 
    •   Pricing Strategy 
    •  Quintessential Sales Coaching
  •  Gene Keys & Cosmic Law Integration for High Level Longevity & Evolutionary Sustainability 
  •  Bi-weekly personalized 60 minute brand leadership coaching and brand strategy calls over 6 months
  •  Mon-Thursday Telegram/Email Support
  •  Access to all masterclasses, live activations, or programs/ courses/ training offers during the 6 month time frame *excludes Masterminds, miniminds, any subscription membership portals or in person events 


Additional Logistics: 

This service is estimated to take place in 6 months. Due to the nature of bespoke creative direction and design, this time frame is flexible and may extend 3-5 additional weeks to maintain the integrity of the brand vision.  

Deliverables outside of the above Scope of Work can be created for *a la carte additional fees.