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Becoming Beauty Everywhere



Learn the Three Sequences of Eternal Luxury.


Architecting Desirable Luxury Brands in a New Epoch of Superconsciousness-a Blueprint to the Extraordinary Evolution of Brand Identity, Embodiment & Expression.


"Becoming Beauty Everywhere" is not just a basic presentation;

it's an immersive experience designed to propel your brand into new dimensions.

Explore the codes that will align and anchor YOU and your brand as a leader in New Luxury. Learn distinctive and dignifying principles that  position you as a leader in the grand evolution of  synthesized desirability and superconscious luxury.

In this training the boundaries  ( or lack thereof )  of luxury are redefined and the framework for capturing the concept of timelessness takes center stage. 

How does one truly craft, market and sell narratives of infinity and integrate these ideas effectively into your business?- Learn easy actionable principles in this training. 

Explore the innovative realm of eternal luxury branding - diving into uncharted territories with a training experience designed for visionaries ready to sculpt their businesses and brands into eternal masterpieces. 

Becoming Beauty Everywhere - Future of Luxury will launch you into a perpetual embodiment and standard of precision and transcendent leadership like nothing you've ever seen, heard or encountered before. 

From the future, for the future, welcome to The House of Beauty Everywhere - 


Come back soon...



A story truly never ends. This is the untold journey.. after the hero's journey.

Join us for a profound new Odyssey like no other -become the very poetry of a new era through the Seven Seals of the Magnum Opus -  and become an unstoppable masterpiece in motion.


Over the course of a year -this epic transformative online luxury coaching experience  goes far beyond traditional branding concepts and techniques.

Our experience "ODESSIA" is the ultimate embodiment of new luxury and prosperity- guiding our guests through uncharted realms of eternal consciousness and the tools to craft their catalyzing visions into products and offers.

Learn to embody the very tapestry of becoming, designing, selling and leading your vision with prestige, elegance and actual magical realism. Bath your spirit in the realm of ecstasies and unleash your superhuman capabilities to comprehend and navigate the patterns and poetry of its labyrinth. 

With 7 experiences and portals that illuminate the path, you'll discover how to turn every facet of your reality life, business and brand into gold, from your personal aura to your business offerings.

From "Fractal Fantasia" to "The Fifth Element" to " Harmonic Logic" - this is the experience to architect the quintessence itself into absolutely extraordinary vision and new luxury business.  

Coming Soon

The Age of Prosperity 

Transcending Wealth, Embracing Overflow & the Luxury of Liberation


Welcome to "The Age of Prosperity" - an exquisite mastermind experience where enlightened, spiritual, and wise leaders converge to ignite and shine the brilliance and co-create prosperity anchored empires from the depths of their wisdom. This sacred gathering transcending wealth - is a harmonious fusion of entrepreneurial prowess and soulful ascension, designed to only elevate business success but liberate true long lasting personal and financial creation transformation.

In the surrendered heart of this expansive experiential delight, through the dance between voice, vision, words, and sight.. And even in its profound eloquence of silence, the transmissions ignite a symphony of knowingness within you‚ÄĒa'las financial liberation...¬†

You, dear participant, become the melodic prelude, resonating with the essence of prosperity. As you unfold within the grand narrative of "The Age of Prosperity," you don't merely join a mastermind; you embark on a transformative journey‚ÄĒa storybook of activated sequences within, awakening a dormant dance encoded in your DNA. Each moment becomes a revelation, unveiling the secrets of a quintessential and purely harmonic superconscious economy.


Coming Soon

Cosmic Royalty

The Future Heart of Visionary Leadership


After centuries upon centuries of fallen royal kingdoms and dynasties that have been glorified in hierarchical systems of leadership and control, we now stand on the very threshold of the era of surrendered leadership - a regal and noble path where you become the very opulence of divinity. Here your relationship to time is completely rewritten as you gleam from within the legacy of the kingdom that never dies and echoes throughout eternity. Every facet of the holograph reveals itself from the pure diamond in your heart.

Your Cosmic Royalty will be found in the shining brilliance of stillness - in the raw zenith of your suspended timeless awareness, in the empathy and the tenderness you radiate for the very highest love of humanity‚Äôs vision of unity, particularly in the gracious stewardship recognizing the blossoming future‚ÄĒwhich is the children.

Though Cosmic Royalty may carry a veneer of glamour, true royalty emanates a humble elegance, permeating the beauty of the divine for the divine. Perfection is never required, because a true visionary leader can turn all notions of chaos into beauty - unleashing this exact gift in those around them.

From¬†the death of fame and power and the birth of the luminary with a passion for creating tomorrows through today‚Äôs children‚ÄĒCosmic Royalty is a unique calling that imprints many but few- the leaders of leaders.

In the deepest discovery of your awakened leadership, your strength lies in your ability to allow your identity to completely dissolve, uniting with the all-seeing empathic diamond heart. This union ignites a silent and gentle force and invites everyone through honor and reverence‚ÄĒto ignite their own virtuosity.¬† For true virtue is not what you do, but how your heart sings while you lead.

The invocation of Cosmic Royalty beckons‚ÄĒa unique journey for the chosen few who are called to align with this cosmic force and its regal and majestic surrender.¬†If you feel the resonance with this cosmic fractal force and transcendent opulence, it is with profound honor and reverence that we extend an invitation to the great surrender.

Coming 2024

Boundless Matriarch

The Capacity to Do Have & Be it All

Plunging our mastermind guests into an ethereal dreamscape of cosmic curiosities- in this experience- the focal point is a majestic maternal female head guiding through the boundless portals and realms of infinity- that hint at a transcendent wisdom and power of the Eternal Matriarch. 

A metamorphosis experience - mirroring your new maternal identity to embrace¬†the entirety of your existence. Complexity reveals a new higher simplicity as you begin to view every moment, every role, converging into a new higher synthesis¬† within the intricate dance of children, family, service, and your career. Here, The Capacity to Do, Have & Be it All is not just a concept; the devotion within your vocation is activated, revealing it's invitation to a lived reality‚ÄĒa testament to the boundless multifaceted potential inherent in every mother.

Boundless Matriarch extends an invitation to transcend the conventional narratives of "motherhood balance." Instead, immerse yourself in a holistic harmony, a personal paradigm that liberates mothers to envision and craft businesses and brands resonating at higher frequencies. Here, the supernatural gifts of gracefulness find new expression in a context of divine elevation, expansion and matriarchal leadership.

A‚Äôlas, the quintessence of motherhood‚ÄĒa celestial navigation blending eternal principles with practical prosperity rooted business strategies. Here, the mental framework of motherhood transforms, moving beyond societal expectations. This mastermind is a catalyst for a monumental shift in the future of businesses, intertwining a true family-first approach that honors the sacred journey of motherhood.

Coming 2024


Welcome to the Celeste Ballet, A Mythical Musical Mastermind   

An embodied vision crafting brand experience like no other unifying the principles of ballet, business, film, and cosmic geometry- welcome to this living, vibrating collective dance of brillant luminaries coming together to create and unfold the myths of tomorrow.  This experiential music-infused, co-weaving container will allow the stories and frameworks of future myths to shine though as guests learn how to apply the Future of Cosmic Storytelling and new 'sequences of brand strategy' to their businesses.

As participants navigate the celestial corridors of the Celeste Ballet, Asterium's masterful coaching unfolds‚ÄĒa seamless blend of elevated conscious luxury, inspiration, and cosmic guidance. Immerse yourself in a symphony of transformative experiences as Asterium orchestrates a dance of personal growth, encouraging you to explore the new untold myths fertile to blossom in the sequences we activate in this elegantly and musically harnessed brand storytelling experience. Through a series of Balletic and world class filmmaking scriptwriting and storyboarding techniques - these themed activations push the boundaries of embodiment training and coaching to new heights to unveil new myths even Hollywood has barely touched.¬†¬†

The Celeste Ballet becomes a stage where the myths of tomorrow are unveiled, where stories and frameworks emerge as the alignment of members' inner constellations dance the expanse. Asterium's guidance ensures that the sequences activated during this experience serve as the catalysts for the creation of a new mythos for humanity‚ÄĒa collaborative effort that transcends individual narratives to shape a collective vision of the future.

Together, participants and Asterium shine as they delve into the uncharted territories of imagination, sparking a cosmic renaissance in storytelling. This is Asterium. This is the 'future-now'‚ÄĒan immersive and transformative¬†stellar voyage into the unknown, where mythmakers and myths are born, and brilliance takes center stage in the dance of cosmic storytelling.

Together we shine, this is Asterium. This is our future.


Coming Soon

Speed of Being

Harnessing Liberation

The ‚ÄúSpeed of Being - Live Activation Program‚ÄĚ is an invitation to tap into the latent momentum that already resides within, propelling participants beyond their perceived limitations. This transformative experience deliberately explores the delicate dance of acceleration and deceleration, reflecting the intricate balance required to move forward while maintaining equilibrium. What is truly needed to move at lightning speed? Learn the creative technique¬†I've trained 1000's on for nearly a decade called "Flow to Form'¬†that hyperspeeds materialization.¬†

¬†‚ÄúSpeed of Being‚ÄĚ challenges conventional notions by revealing that the gates to personal liberation were never truly locked, emphasizing the paradoxical nature of the journey. Understand seasons, timelines, sequences, rhythms, spirals and all the different patterns of being, so you may navigate life's choreography.¬† ¬†It plays with the mind, encouraging participants to recognize the perfection of the present moment amidst the chaos that precedes beauty. The program‚Äôs goals include breaking free from the ordinary, embracing a heightened state of code reading and supernatural existence.¬† To realize the pure potential through a profound exploration of self and how to apply it to leadership and business dynamics.

Coming 2024

Creme de la Creme Mastermind 

The Exquisite Essence of Eternal Excellence   

Indulge in the epitome of sophistication and supernatural influence with "Creme de la Creme - The Exquisite Essence of Eternal Excellence." This exclusive High Level Mastermind is a celebration and expansion of unparalleled sales positioning refinement for leaders seeking the pristine zenith of influence and sales mastery.

This unique mastermind is dedicated to show the codes  that silently command not only 'influence' but mega high ticket price tags though extreme value creation. Dissecting the practical mastery of aesthetics, form, and the very essence of experience. At a divine level of expression precision, the creation effortlessly speaks for ...and irresistibly sells itself.

Similar to "The Gold Standard" in various domains, be it the epitome of 5-star hotels or an artist reaching the pinnacle-  yet here, we transcend these conventional notions. We delve into what it truly means to be 'the creme de la creme' in both the widely known contemporary sense and what it will signify in the evolved future. This allows our guests to navigate the embodiment and architect sales strategies aligned to these narratives.

During this mastermind experience, we offer a mind and soul elixir for you to sip and savor. Our cocktail of secrets blends the essence of integrity, leadership, emanation, magnetism, fluorescence, and exquisiteness.

Thus, we welcome you to  world-class trainings designed to teach the very exactness of 'world class.'

As a final teaser to this mastermind, we offer a glimpse into the core of the true transmission on ‚ÄúInfluence.‚ÄĚ True pinnacle leaders in their fields naturally rise to the top, or more precisely, 'they rise to the center.'

When you dare to be chosen, mastering the form of your own fractals around yourself, the honey of your empathic expression and its raw beauty attract all manner of bees to you. More and more and more.

The bees choose you. As you become the very elixir; they drink the neverending essence of this divine nectar. Superabundance flourishes.

More and more bees.... 

This is how the Creme de la Creme¬†creates¬†and¬†then emanates ‚Äď they do not thrust themselves forward. Their creations are swallowed by consciousness itself. The leaders appear because people surround them and naturally trust in them; the hallmark center is that others choose you. It begins when you choose the absence of yourself.

This form of admirable leadership is built through fractals, through the mirrors of relationships that form circles of trust and beauty. This is the. epitome of the evolved influencer. This is the real future of the "Creme de la Creme."


Coming 2024

ODESSIA: Become the Ultimate Embodiment of New Luxury. 

A Refining Journey of Seven Experiences


Designed to Revolutionize Your Entire Brand, Business and

Being for the Future Economy.


Embark on a transformative odyssey with 'Odessia,' an year long luxury coaching experience that transcends traditional branding concepts.


This untold journey, following the drama of the hero's path, invites you to become the poetry of a new era through the Seven Seals of the Magnum Opus, emerging as an unstoppable masterpiece in motion.

'Odessia' is the ultimate embodiment of new luxury and prosperity, guiding participants through uncharted realms of eternal consciousness. This transformative experience empowers you to craft catalyzing visions into tangible products and offers, embracing the tapestry of becoming, designing, selling, and leading with prestige and magical realism.

With seven illuminating portals, 'Odessia' unveils the path to turning every facet of life, business, and brand into gold, offering a profound odyssey through cosmic curiosities and an exploration of boundless possibilities. Stay tuned for hints at the codes of conscious creation as the release date for each experience approaches, revealing the guiding principles of each portal."


Fractal Fantasia 

Magical Realism: Decrypting the Living Labyrinth

There will come a time in your life when the fractals of existence reveal themselves in ways far beyond a typical synchronistic moment. In this experience, we guides guests into the Fantasia of life's infinite fracal patterns and how they follow particular sequences, principles and foundations. Imagine reading the film script of how an entire new universe works - until you realize, that is the very universe you live in right now. Learning the dynamics of fractals is an art, a science, and of course a synthesis - And while it may appear illusive, there is a very particular map of sorts. Prepare to unwind your mind and become the mystery itself to know thyself.

For we are the pattern looking at the pattern and part of the destiny of the pattern is to see itself in all it's beauty ( as you will dive into more in Hall of Mirrors).

Introduction to the essence of this experience: 

"Finding oneself within this fractal labyrinth is akin to stepping into a forbidden fable, where reality and fantasy fuse flawlessly. Here, in the heart of nature’s most enchanting fractals, one can feel the fragile, fleeting, and yet infinitely profound beauty of life’s intricate design. 

And in the heart of this enigmatic maze, one learns not just the art of navigation but the art of being."

As the release date for each experience approaches we will unveil more hints at the new luxury codes of conscious creation each portal guides guests through.


Hall of Mirrors

The Death of Duality and Story Realms Beyond Archetypes

Step into the "Hall of Mirrors," a dreamscape experience that challenges the very fabric of reality. In this immersive journey, the mirage of life's 'maya' dissolves, revealing the intricate dance of light and reflection.

Guests are guided to delve into the mind's perception of self-reflection, leading to a profound epiphany‚ÄĒwe are both the pattern and the observer. Traverse this mesmerizing hall, witnessing the death of duality and exploring realms beyond traditional archetypes. Each reflection in the mirror becomes a portal, unlocking codes within codes and guiding participants to a deeper understanding of self and interconnected patterns.

In this new paradigm, the Hall of Mirrors symbolizes a space for realizing beauty in every facet of existence‚ÄĒa transformative experience challenging preconceived notions and fostering a profound shift toward unity and integration in life's narrative. Welcome to the convergence of illusion and reality, where the codes within the mirrors reflect the boundless possibilities of consciousness.

As the release date for each experience approaches we will unveil more hints at the new luxury codes of conscious creation each portal guides guests through


The Fifth Element

The Standards of Infinity

Step into the unparalleled realm of "The Fifth Element: The Standards of Infinity," where the air whispers the secrets of ethereal purity - a new paradigm of excellence- the quintessence of timeless elegance. "The Fifth Element" is not merely an experience; it's a revelation of the highest standards of ethereal purity, where the intangible becomes palpable.

Here you meet the formlessness of the form. Here the air, isn’t air, yet you can still breath. You’ve transcended to meet the very refined light codes and textures  beneath the word "quality." This is the land of discernment that births congruency.

As you navigate through this extraordinary journey, you'll find yourself surrounded by textures of unparalleled quality setting new benchmarks that redefine sophistication and grace.

Sculpt a reality where the standards of infinity are not just met but paradoxically exceeded.

Delve into the mysteries of formlessness, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. "The Fifth Element" is your passage to a world where purity is not a concept but a tangible, living reality‚ÄĒone that elevates your perception, transcends the commonplace, and allows you to embody the very quintessence of ethereal purity.

Welcome to a space where luxury knows no bounds, and you emerge as the living embodiment of the ultimate new luxury standard.

As the release date for each experience approaches we will unveil more hints at the new luxury codes of conscious creation each portal guides guests through.


Harmonic Logic

The Expressions of Unity, Emanation Storytelling & the Symphony of the Spheres


As a seasoned filmmaker trained in the heart of Hollywood, I find unparalleled resonance in this transformative endeavor. This program is the transcendence of the art of filmmaking itself- to the highest, most royal storytelling art of all.

It is the embodiment of the living story manifest in the art, aesthetics, and storytelling all around you in every timeless moment. In this "Inception"-like voyage unlike any other, participants enter into a portal, transcending the conventional realms of creating material luxury. High logic reveals itself. Here luxury becomes a portal for the transcendent itself into a symphony of the spheres- uncharted territory by most, and we’re not talking space.

An experience for those intrigued by the elusive realm of experience design or those seeking to anchor themselves in the mesmerizing flow of crafting brands and businesses within the cosmic web's surrender and the endlessly paradoxical playground of existence.

Welcome to 'Harmonic Logic,' the epitome of what transcends "Finer than Fine Art."

Here, we delve into the very coding behind the codes, unlocking a new rhythm of storytelling that unravels consistent and perpetual hidden patterns ‚ÄĒ an exploration textured with ecstasy and beauty. Immerse yourself in expansive signatures and discern the subtleties behind aesthetics, gaining a novel perspective on the linguistic nuances of 'emanation storytelling."

In a bold endeavor to render the invisible visible and cultivate fresh new neural pathways for perceiving patterns within patterns, this journey invites you to the center of refinement. Transcend the epoch of "Fine Art" and gracefully waltz into a new paradigm where abstractions cease to be abstract, transforming into grand symphonies of pristine clarity. This symphonic clarity acts as the guiding force, orchestrating participants through the intricate dance of creativity. Once-indistinct notes of abstraction now harmonize into a majestic composition, revealing profound beauty and understanding.

You, the participant, become the maestro of your own narrative, bravely wielding the conductor's stick, surrendering to the harmonies weaving through the fabric of existence. This journey is akin to mastering the dance, not with mere steps, but with the entirety of your heart ‚ÄĒ a jubilant celebration of unity and a tantalizing glimpse into the future of aesthetic precision,¬†emanation¬†storytelling sequencing, and design. 'Harmonic Logic' is the embodiment of unity ‚ÄĒ an immersive experience where once-indistinct notes of abstraction resonate in a magnificent composition, echoing the very essence of the cosmos.



The Evolutionary Prism of Prosperity - 

The Suite Surrender

This experience has you enter another grand paradox counterintuitive to the general understanding of crystallization. When I first drafted this concept, it intended to step by step help others develop and conceptualize their ideas into offer suites and products (which actually still happens!). This is a very logical way of looking at crystallization, however in true cosmic law beyond space and time- we enter this experience in the House of Beauty Everywhere to transcend it.

For the truth is that in a harmonic sensibility, the Crystallization of all is the dissolving of it all …the receiving of it all is the giving of it all. There is no faking this, and your mind cannot think it’s way through this one (for that is what harmonic logic is all about)  - the masterpiece suite MUST happen within the mechanics of your inner being.

This experience conveys a great eternal mystery. Its wisdom hangs in suspended belief. Traditionally we use our mental minds and intellectuality to imitate,mirror tried and true systems and create. The Odessia journey to the magnum opus however embraces the great wisdom that the surrender yields the way. Your alone can convey  the answer! The focus then for this program becomes on mastering your ability to 1) listen and 2) creatively express your vision and understand it’s masterpiece unfolding. If Mozart could lead a transmission, this would be the one and in many ways his spirit is in fact guiding in the very core fractal of this experience.

For you do not create the perfection alone, the perfection shines through you in extraordinary impeccable, unique style, with a raw unique LIVING beauty of expression. YOU need to get out of the way! You do not create the crystalizing of your offers, instead, YOU become the crystal and the light shines through you. Instead of creating you become the empty vessel. The conduit. This aspect of superconscious creation is all about ever-changing dynamism. Three particular words weave themselves in the well of this transmission, EXQUISITENESS, OMNISCIENCE, QUINTESSENCE…

In essence, the Suite Surrender is about embracing a dynamic and transformative approach to product creation, where you become a channel for a higher, ever-changing forms of expression... if this excites you, stay tuned my royal and noble guests, more to come. 



Majestic Money Sovereign Sales

The Quintessential New Economy & Art of Selling New Luxury

In the cosmic expanse of avant-garde luxury leadership, emerges a celestial phenomenon known as "Sovereign Sales," a luminary force guiding seekers through the nebulous trails of Sales Mastery and the intricate dance of empowered client attraction.

This ethereal invitation transcends the mundane doctrines of sales, navigating the uncharted waters of precision, kindling expansive desire, and orchestrating harmonic interactions that ripple through the cosmos at the speed of light.

Embark an experience that beckons you through a portal echoing “The Synchronization of Serendipitous Supersales." It's an invitation to immerse yourself in the omnipresent overflow of money and resources, to align with the very fractals of your dream clients, and to nurture a customer-centric approach that is both simple and eloquent, resonating with cosmic profundity.

The stage is set for a performance where excellence takes the spotlight, unveiling the art of selling without the traditional pitch. This transcends technique; where the concept of selling is detached from the symbols of money itself! It's an initiation into cosmic nobility, an elevated state of being that radically reshapes the perception of selling services and the art of exchange, empowering the guide to embody a regal, yet humbly ordinary aura - oh the paradox!

The allure of magnetism gracefully yields to the majesty of integrity, a virtue that reverberates louder than any earthly seduction, enriching the context of a newfound luxury paradigm.

At the core of Sovereign Sales lies an unwavering commitment to truth and integrity, transcending beyond mere sales tactics. The allure fades, making way for honor to assume center stage, as the focus to authentically serve customers through the spirit of stewardship radiates. Painful marketing ploys are discarded, as liberated clients seek illumination, eschewing manipulation.

The zenith of this cosmic journey is found in transactions where money flows as a warm current of exchange. It's a conscious, selective choice‚ÄĒa decision fueled by empowerment and resonating with the principles woven into the fabric of this experience.

This is more than a mere awakening; it's a whole new world and way of synchronized sales - from magnetic allure to majestic integrity, from the conventional to the cosmic.

It's a profound realization that the end of selling is the very beginning of selling. That eternal luxury is an anthem of we align and prosper through, a melody of sharing equality, and a resonance with the rhythms of the universe.



The Magnum Opus

A Masterpiece in Motion

Cosmic Leadership & The Echos of Alchemical Gold:


 "A light beyond light,

oh so golden and bright

it echos throughout every dimension of time, eternally.

Yet, the irony of the masterpiece in motion-

is that it never moves,

for it has entered the now,

which is one moment- that never ends."

 ~ The Secrets of the Immortals 


In the celestial tapestry of existence, where galaxies dance and stars weave stories, a cosmic invitation unfolds‚ÄĒan invitation to become the Magnum Opus, the maker of masterpieces, an orchestrator of a new world. The universe, resonating with the harmonic frequencies of potential, extends its hand, inviting you to embark on an odyssey that transcends the boundaries of imagination.

As you step into the cosmic theater, the ethereal curtains part, revealing a dazzling display of constellations that whisper tales of innovation, wisdom, and harmonious balance. The stardust itself seems to echo the call of destiny, urging you to take the center stage

Picture yourself amidst the cosmic atelier, where ideas shimmer like cosmic dust. You are the architect, sketching the blueprints of new realities. Each stroke of your celestial pen creates foundations that echo with the symphony of innovation‚ÄĒa world where every concept, every creation, is a masterpiece in the making.

In this astral workshop, you aren't bound by earthly limitations. You're a trailblazer, breaking through the cosmic veil, paving new pathways of thought that resonate beyond the realms of the ordinary.

As you traverse the interstellar realms, you realize your role as a catalyst‚ÄĒa force that sparks transformations in the very fabric of existence. Your cosmic essence inspires positive change, encouraging societies and individuals to evolve, adapt, and embrace the extraordinary.

As the cosmic overture reaches its crescendo, you, the Magnus Opus, stand at the cosmic crossroads. You've become the embodiment of untapped potential, encouraging exploration, discovery, and the realization of limitless possibilities.











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